Women opt for an abortion due to multiple causes. If the gestation is unwanted, there are issues in the growth of the fetus or the life of the mom is in danger because of the pregnancy. The pregnancy can be terminated in two forms. One is by a Surgical Abortion, and the other is by a Medical Abortion

People prefer medical abortion because of less invasiveness and is possible in the privacy of a home. It is affordable in comparison to traditional surgical abortion. Let us discuss in detail the complete procedure of a medical abortion. 

Medical Abortion

It is also known as an abortion pill but involves taking two medicines needing no surgery or anesthesia.

There are 2 kinds of Medical Abortion.

  1. Methotrexate & Misoprostol 
  2. Mifepristone and Misoprostol 

Methotrexate & Misoprostol (MTX)

Within the first 49 days of her pregnancy, the patient will take this medication. Oral administration of "Methotrexate" is the first medication. After three to seven days, the second medicine, "Misoprostol," is to be given either orally or vaginally. These medications force the fetus to evacuate itself in hours or days through squeezes and bleeding. In addition, antibiotics are provided to avoid any infections. 

Mifepristone and Misoprostol

Another name for the Abortion Pill approach is RU-486. The patient takes a drug named Mifepristone, which stops Progesterone and stops the pregnancy from growing any further. 

The patient then receives a Misoprostol tablet about 36 to 72 hours later. It forms the uterine contractions that lead to the fetus's advanced removal from the body. This procedure can take a few hours or days to complete. 

Some Adverse Effects

These are some side effects of the Abortion pill:

  • Infections

Medicinal abortion procedure also has a risk of some infections. So, the doctors prescribe antibiotics along with abortion pills.

  • Cramping and heavy bleeding

The cramping will be painful with a risk of much heavier bleeding. It may need a medical professional's help.

  • Vomiting and diarrhea

The patient can have vomits and loose stools as the pills are very strong medications. They have side effects that can be temporary. 

  • Nausea

The patients may feel sick and uncomfortable. They might feel dizzy and vomiting.

  • 8 to 10% failure rate

This abortion procedure is effective but still has a failure rate of eight to ten percent. In case of an unsuccessful abortion, a surgical procedure is required for the patient.

  • Non-eligibility

 If the patient has ovarian mass, high B.P., or Intrauterine devices, then this abortion procedure may not be advisable due to the health risks involved.

  • Not for patients with chronic diseases

Some patients are suffering previously from chronic diseases like liver, kidney, or bowel disease. Medicinal abortion is not advisable for such patients.

  • Plenty of bed rest 

The procedure can sometimes take a toll on the health and overall well-being. It is temporary, and one may need bed rest for a few days to recover.

  • Not suitable for some patients 

This medication is not suitable for patients with a history of ectopic pregnancy where the fetus develops outside the uterus and will not grow further.

 How can you prepare yourself before a medicinal termination?

These are some things you can consider before coming to the Abortion Pill Clinic for having an unwanted pregnancy termination. 

  1. Knowledge about the procedure
  2. Awareness about the Abortion Legislation in your State
  3. Consideration of finances, affordability, and coverage
  4. Confide in trustworthy people
  5. Arrange for pads, painkillers, water, and food
  6. Bringing along a supporting loved one
  7. Arrangements for things to divert attention
  8. Counseling before and after the procedure
  9. Be confident about your decision
  10. Follow-ups after the procedure


Medicinal abortion is generally a safe procedure with fewer side effects than many over-the-counter medicines. However, in some patients, the adverse effects might be severe and need immediate medical attention. Orlando Women's Center is an Advanced Abortion Pill Clinic with a supportive staff and a non-judgemental environment. In the case of having a medicinal abortion, you get treatment with compassion and respect in a comfortable environment. Contact us to know more. 

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