If the pregnancy is 12 weeks older or less than it, it is convenient to terminate it with a medical abortion. It has proven to be the safest way to do it. Taking the Abortion Pill at 14 weeks can be risky for women because it can cause some issues in their bodies, such as fever or heavy bleeding. Sometimes it leaves side effects for a long time, for example, fatigue, PCOD, low blood levels, or hormonal disbalance. 

The abortion pill works very strongly, but it works less when you have passed eight weeks of pregnancy. It works according to how far you are in your pregnancy and when you take medicine. If you take it after 12 weeks, there is a bigger chance of heavy bleeding and cramps. It can cause huge blood loss. 

You must perform a blood test or an ultrasound to ensure that your abortion medication will be effective. Before taking any action, go to an abortion clinic and consult with a doctor.

If the woman has been pregnant for more than 12 weeks and goes through a medical abortion, the medicines will still work and cause the abortion. But the risk of complications increases for the woman. And it is recommended to receive treatment from a medical professional afterward.

But in some cases, if a woman is taking the Abortion Pill 14 weeks, then it is highly recommended for her to situate herself close to a healthcare facility. Choose a nearby place close to a hospital, or even stay in a waiting room in a hospital.

A woman can choose which type of abortion she wants. Women who do not need a child may become pregnant and decide to terminate the pregnancy. There can be many reasons behind it, such as that they are not independent, can not afford to raise a child, and are not mentally prepared to give birth. 

If women realize at an early stage of their pregnancy that they do not want the baby, they may choose to take an abortion pill. The abortion pill allows women to avoid going to a clinical abortion procedure. She can take an abortion pill and stay at home.

She will begin bleeding as usual after taking the abortion pill, but she will also experience increased blood flow and cramping. She can also take pain relievers. But she must go through some medical tests for pregnancy to make sure she can take the pill or not.


Abortion Pill 14 weeks is risky and causes some side effects on your body. Never forget to use protection when you are intimate with your partner. It will keep you safe from becoming pregnant and from contracting certain diseases. And if you are pregnant and do not want a child, you should visit a clinic and take the advice of a doctor. Always be positive, and do not feel alone if you don’t have someone with you.