It is not pleasant to decide on an Abortion, as there can be some conditions that may compel a woman. Termination of pregnancy is a very easy process nowadays. Earlier, only a surgical procedure was available. In present times due to the advancement of medical science, there are medications for the same process. An Abortion pill has made it easier for individuals who have no easy access to an abortion clinic.

What is an abortion pill?

An abortion pill is a combination of two tablets. One is Mifepristone, and the other is Misoprostol.

Mifepristone stops a hormone named progesterone, needed for the growth of a fetus. The Misoprostol is given either immediately or after 48 hours. It depends on the suggestion of a medical practitioner. It causes contractions and cramps that lead to bleeding and emptying of the uterus

Why do people prefer medicinal abortions to surgical procedures? 

Conveniently Available

The abortion medication is easily available and is convenient. It is available online and will be delivered to your residence. This facility is beneficial for people living in faraway areas. Your healthcare provider will also be able to provide you with this medication with instructions for use. It has benefits for people living in remote areas. Some people have financial problems. So, they can afford the medicine instead of surgery. This medicine is cheaper than the surgical procedure. 

Non Invasive procedure

Having an abortion with a pill is non-intrusive as compared with a surgical termination. It feels natural to the patients. Medicinal abortion needs two medicines to complete the procedure. There is no need for the instruments as cramping and bleeding will empty the uterus and terminate the unwanted pregnancy.

Cost Effective

Having an abortion pill is economical in comparison to the clinical visits and surgery. It is quite affordable than the cost of the surgical procedure, possible with the resources in the comfort of your home.

Private and confidential

This process is private and is possible in one's home without anyone knowing about it. Clinical visits can be a hassle for someone living in a faraway area. Sometimes, the cultural restrictions and pressures can make it difficult to visit a Doctor. In these cases, an Abortion Pill comes to the rescue.

Termination in the initial stage

Most women will prefer to end an unwanted pregnancy as early as possible. The Abortion pill works more efficiently in the early stages of pregnancy. It will prevent any mental and physical trauma. It also helps in avoiding possible complications and health risks. 

Empowering for women

This procedure allows women to make decisions for themselves. They can have a choice in reproduction by being active in their decisions for an abortion. They can have control over their physiology and life decisions. Medicinal termination of pregnancy helps in managing preferences and personal values that result in less anxiety and overall well-being.

Easy Recovery

Medicinal Abortion has fewer complications in comparison to surgical procedures. The body heals in a very short time. It is less intrusive and feels natural. The cramps and pain are for less time, and people feel relief afterward. One needs a follow-up with the health care provider afterward just for once to make sure that there are no problems.  

Possible within a Support System 

Termination of pregnancy is possible with a support system of your choice. One can go through the process by staying with your loved ones by your side. It takes place in the comfort of your home without any outsider knowing about it, providing complete privacy and security. Whereas in surgical abortions, one has to visit the hospital for multiple appointments. Sedation is needed for the intrusive procedure, and a person should be there to drive the patient back to their residence. In medicinal abortion, this is not the case. 


The above-written reasons are enough to know why having an Abortion Pill is the most preferred method among women. Many factors lead to an abortion. One may not have a choice over the pregnancy not going as planned but can always choose a safe termination. The Orlando Women's Center has been treating patients with understanding and empathy, and their decisions for termination are fully respected here. The one-day abortion pill at our clinic is available for patients coming from all over the country. In case of an unplanned pregnancy, our clinic is the safest place for consultation and medication.